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Below are some of the services we offer but not limited to.

Albannach Crafts chooses to use 100% vegetable tanned leather which comes in a large range of thicknesses and a variety of grades and colours.

We have a range of water based leather dyes for items that require a more vibrant hue or for items where we cannot source the right colour in the correct thickness.

We have selection of threads to match or add contrast to an item. Commission work is a speciality with options for hardware.

338521777_272892818399179_1478943151299221133_n (1).jpg

If you have something in need of restoration, bring the item into our studio where we can assess the item and discuss a restoration plan that suits your needs.


We like a challenge and reproducing historical leather items opens up a whole new world of forgotten skills, studying how historical items were made is not only interesting but also offers a new set of challenges .

Pictured above on the left is a historical reproduction of an 1882 Webley Mark 4 revolver case with the restored original on the right.

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